Maurizio Lupoi (1942) served as Professor of Comparative Law at the University of Genoa until 2012 when he went into compulsory retirement and was appointed Emeritus Professor. He holds degrees from the Universities of Rome and Oxford.

His publications in English include The Origins of the European Legal Order, CUP, 2000 and Trusts. A Comparative Study, CUP, 2001 as well as several articles, among which are “Trust and Confidence” 125 LQR 253 (2009) and “Trusts and their comparative understanding” 27 Trusts and Trustees 286 (2021).

He serves as president of "Il trust in Italia" and general editor of "Trusts e attività fiduciarie"; he is also one of the editors of “Trusts and Trustees” and of “Trust Law International”.

Maurizio heads the law-firm “Studio legale Lupoi”, founded by his father in 1937, with offices in Rome, Milan and Genoa.